Municipal Retail Analysis

An indispensable tool to decision-making

The Analysis consists of matching the apparent values ​​of the commercial offer and the demand for a given territory.

The applications of this analysis are diverse and affect both the strategic and tactical aspects of urban commercial framework management.

In management terms, the information included in the report helps to identify the poles of attraction, commercial sectors in a state of saturation of the market, commercial leaks, and market opportunities.

When the analysis takes into account the commercial zones of the territory, it is possible to bring out the business vocation. Combined with the analysis of vacant lots, the report allows planning of the commercial needs of the territory in terms of space.

The Municipal Retail Analysis also makes it possible to specify the needs associated with an important real estate development and to mark different situations: the entrance of the city, motorway zone, commercial sprawl, development of specialties, projects multi-use.