Municipal Benefits

The harmony between the commercial function and the municipal entity goes through the realization of the benefits.

A survey conducted among French people in 2010 on the ideal city revealed that it is the diversity of businesses that appears to be the most important for more than half of those interviewed. Trade acts as an urban attractor.

The benefits of a commercial function in harmony with the municipal context remain both quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative benefits include employment, private investment, the ripple effect from other investors, the retention rate of consumers locally, and land effects associated with business development.

Qualitative benefits include the quality of life of citizens, the creation of a pleasant living environment, an enhanced commercial image, and a climate favorable to investment. Many municipalities have economic development plans that include business planning. It makes it possible to promote the development of mixed functions (residential, commercial services, accommodation, and others) and to raise the real estate density of the territory. It is a benefit that comes directly from the direct intervention of the municipal sector in favor of optimal real estate development.