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Dermacom is also a team of collaborators, mainly from the urban and economic sectors, to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Pierre Laflamme

Pierre Laflamme has 38 years of experience in the fields of marketing research and commercial stimulus issue in urban spaces. He is a graduate of École des HEC of Montreal witch Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in Finance and Marketing.

It is by observing the needs of municipalities in reaction to local commercial issue that he created a practice, know as the Municipality Retail Framework with more than ten analysis tools, in 2008. To date, he has worked to improve the knowledge and the development of the process in more than 152 cities in Quebec.

He is the autor of a book titled L’armature commerciale urbaine, published in 2013. Also, he regulary contributes to the magazines Le Sablier of the Association of Quebec City Directors General. His research experience is used extensively to analyse client needs to determine the right mix. Pierre Laflamme is all about his analytical sense and his ability to synthesize complex issues.

Marie-Andrée Bastien

A generalist and accustomed to working on major matters, she can identify and understand the issue of the day with a capacity to assess situations that take into account the fabric of the organization. Marie-Andrée Bastien has extensive experience in a variety of business areas in both the public and private sectors.

With DEMARCOM since 2002, her consulting years have enabled her to acquire a remarkable learning ability as well as to benefit from a constant open-mindeness. She is responsible for managing teams and ressources. She also ensures quality control for all projetcs.