Influencing Forces

The municipal entity cannot act in a vacuum!

Government Pressures

There must be a plan that lays down the rules in municipal development, especially for large urban centers. The improvement of space is essential and privileged over a horizontally predominant development. Density and mix of uses are the ingredients of this recipe.

Scarcity of Space

American author and comedian Mark Twain said, « Buy land, they’re not making it anymore» that you have to buy land because you do not do it anymore! For many municipalities, this is the case. The scarcity of vacant spaces requires exceptional strategies for territorial development. The urgency of the situation compels the city managers to make choices as to the uses to be preferred.

Financial Pressures

The dependence of cities on property taxes has reached its limits. Residential development finances a large part of this income, but it is not enough! The solution rests with finding new sources of municipal property revenues.

Generating these new streams of income is possible by seeking commercial autonomy. By reducing the dependence of citizens on external sources of supply, real estate value is produced locally. By actively participating in the development of projects, the city is updating projects that may have come late.

Thus, by recovering commercial leaks, by promoting the development of business opportunities and by taking an interest in real estate renovation projects, the city is accessing a potential for new property revenues.

Free Market

The perception of the free market is to relegate to private investors the decision to build real estate on the territory, in compliance with urban standards. However, experience shows that the private sector is unable to imagine the city in its various uses. It becomes necessary for the city to drive and direct real estate projects that the private sector cannot imagine. The need to frame the private sector is a bonus for investors as the city creates leverage. Real estate requalification is an example